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The Gardens Race Trace app demonstrates a solution which enables users to access maps through their smartphones or wearable devices, and enjoy features such as voice guidance, 3D models, animations, and gamification. 

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In collaboration with NTUC LearningHub, the Metaverse Primer Course by IMMRSIV is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to design, develop, and deploy metaverse applications for the retail sector. 

IMDA SIWA programme welcomed 46 new SIWAs onboard at their Networking Session & Appointment Ceremony. The digital-ready seniors also learned about Mixed-Reality solutions at a talk delivered by LDR and engaged in Augmented Reality (AR) interactions and games on Locomole .  


BytePlus, the enterprise arm of ByteDance that supports businesses in accelerating their digital transformation capabilities, announced a Technology and Reseller Partnership agreement with LDR to leverage data and integrate BytePlus technology to existing and future LDR solutions, to provide consumers with more interactive, engaging digital experiences.


BytePlus’ exclusive game filter is featured on the Locomole app, in conjunction with Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) #DoingGood digital campaign. The campaign encourages Singaporeans to fulfil social and environmental impact #DoingGood pledges in deed. App users can also explore seven free sponsored immersive digital walking trails in Singapore Heartlands locations.


Uncover the latest Metaverse insights and trends with featured guest speaker and Chief Metaverse Officer of LDR,  Siddharth Jain, in this podcast by NTUC LearningHub .provides examples of how companies can use the metaverse to increase customer engagement.

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The SG Digital Office partners with LDR to bring new technology experiences to the community. Seniors who signed up for the tour strolled down Chinatown Street

to see murals come alive through an Augmented Reality (AR) software. 

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Less than half of the adult Singaporean population have redeemed their  SingapoRediscovers Vouchers, with about two months to go before they are due to expire after Dec 31.

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本地一家非营利公司Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood)赶在“重新探索新加坡”消费券到期限前尽最后努力,呼吁未使

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