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The increase in the human population worldwide has exacerbated forest loss and fragmentation, particularly in the tropics, imposing considerable threats to the planet’s biodiversity. The urgent need to plan for the sustainable management and conservation of our biological wealth, could not therefore be overemphasized. In this backdrop, the theme for ATBC-APC 2019 focusing on “Bridging the elements of biodiversity conservation: Save, Study, Use” is a timely reminder of the critical roles of both conservationists and resource users.

The ATBC-APC Sri Lanka will create a platform to bring together researchers, conservation practitioners and business professionals to address through scientific discourse, critical conservation issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. This encompasses activities such as addressing knowledge gaps and facilitating information sharing, which would in turn lead to sustainable trade-offs between the environment and industry, approaching public-private partnerships in a sustainable manner when using natural capital, initiating innovative conservation financing and strengthening nature-culture linkages to reduce environmental crime.

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