Iloilo City Trail

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Typical of a Philippine town setting in the old days is a plaza surrounded by a big church, big houses and mansions. It is the glorious old days dominated by the mestizas and mestizos who were highly-regarded for their colonial looks and moneyed charm. Go around the Philippines and you will be entertained by these bits of history. With almost 400 years of Spanish rule, this isn’t surprising.nnSome mansions were destroyed, others neglected. The presence of the mansions that we see today that have obviously seen better days serves as a reminder of this elitist past. Most still stand proud, despite the ruins, haunting us with the beauty they once had. Others are well-preserved either by the families (check Iloilo’s Camina Balay na Bato) that passed their property through generations or by private entities who took control of their preservation. Iloilo is one province where some of Philippines’ old elites come from. Old homes and mansions are scattered all over the city. The state that they are in varies.

  • St Anne Parish Church (Molo Church)
  • Molo Mansion
  • Camina Balay Nga Bato (Stone House)
  • Iloilo River Esplanade
  • Jaro Cathedral
  • Casa Mariquit
  • Nelly’s Garden
  • Museo Iloilo
  • San Jose Placer Parish Church

Recommended Start Time:

Monday to Sunday, 9:00am
Some places close by 6:00pm

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