Guns of Labrador Team Challenge


With 85,000 soldiers, a fleet of tanks, and state-of-the-art gun batteries, Singapore was considered to be an impregnable fortress. Despite all of this, Singapore fell to the Japanese in World War II. The Battlefield trail retraces the footsteps of brave soldiers who defended Singapore during her darkest days. Find out about Singapore’s struggles during World War II and the Japanese Occupation.

  • Explore the abandoned guns of Fort Pasir Panjang.
  • Admire Singapore’s coastal harbour from the Long Ya Men.
  • Peek at a underground tunnel system used by the British during World War II.
  • Long Ya Men
  • Pillbox
  • Fort Pasir Panjang Entrance
  • Mark IV Guns Position
  • Gun Emplacement 4
  • Casemate
  • Labrador Battery

Recommended Start Time:

Monday to Sunday, 9:00am

Estimated walking distance

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