Dead Sea Trail

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The Dead Sea. A unique body of water – heavy in salt content and rich with minerals that are shared worldwide through various products. Impossible to swim in, but wonderful to relax in. Surrounding the Dead Sea are many historical sites hidden within caves or along rivers and streams. Currently, the visually impacting reality of the ecological situation of the Dead Sea, which is in danger of totally being depleted due to the evaporation of the sea, is the most poignant view of the region. The Dead Sea suffers from a lack of fresh water being channeled into it and the excessive harvesting of the water and minerals in the south.

There are three main routes within Israel that will take you to the Dead Sea area. A popular route from Jerusalem negotiates a steep descent through the Judean Wilderness that brings the traveler from 754 meters (2,473 feet) above sea level to 423 meters (1,388 feet) below sea level, the earth’s lowest elevation on land. It is quite possibly similar to the journey that Jesus took between Jerusalem and the River Jordan. From the Galilee region, one drives the Jordan Road, the road that traverses the boundaries between Jordan and Israel. Third, travelers come up from the port city of Eilat.

  • Qasr Al-Yehud
  • Kalia Beach
  • Valley of David – Ein Gedi
  • Qumran

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