Botanic Gardens – The Green Oasis

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Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 150-year old Singapore Botanic Gardens is a lush oasis of greenery in a busy urban city packed with skyscrapers. This place of interest is a must go for all tourists and local residents!

Join our Botanic Gardens – The Green Oasis Trail and get a comprehensive guide of the places to visit (even the hidden gems), things to do and foods to eat in Botanic Gardens Singapore!

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  • Watch a pair of black swans glide their way across the lake as you lounge by the water.
  • Gain the knowledge of traditional healers as you learn about medicinal herbs and plants in the Healing Garden.
  • Admire hundreds of different orchid varieties in the misty National Orchid Garden.
  • Eco-Garden and Eco-Lake
  • The Healing Garden
  • The Fragrant Garden
  • The Evolution Garden
  • Nassim Gate Visitor Centre
  • Symphony Lake and Palm Valley
  • The National Orchid Garden
  • The Bandstand, Vanda Miss Joaquim, and The Sun Garden
  • Heritage Garden, Sundial Garden
  • Lawn E
  • Heritage Museum and the CDL Green Gallery

Recommended Start Time:

Tuesdays - Sunday, 10:30am - 430pm
A number of shops are closed on Mondays

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