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Singapore Museum Trail

Singapore Museum Trail Like museums? Hit all your favourites in one day or take your time and come back again and again! In this list, you’ll find something to suit every interest – including museums about national history, science and innovation, art, war and defence, culture and community, as well...

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Singapore Night Trail

What to do at night in Singapore? Are you bored of staying in the hotel as night falls? Check out the Night Trail for places in Singapore that come alive after 6pm! Whether you’re looking to drink, hang out, or simply have a memorable time, these hip and happening locations...

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Singapore On A Budget

On a budget? This trail is for you! History, heritage, culture, nature, and art… Discover the many facets of Singapore without breaking the bank.

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Singapore River Trail

In many ways, the Singapore River is the birthplace of Singapore. It was along this very river that Sir Stamford Raffles first landed, and forever changed the destiny of this sleepy fishing village. Follow the river as it meanders through the heart of the city to discover some of Raffles’...

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Singapore Shopping Trail

Explore the popular shopping spots in Singapore Get directions to the different shopping places with our in-built AR map Unearth the buried history and time travel back to the past with our in-app story feature Take part in our challenge with our Locomole app and stand a chance to win...

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Tanjong Pagar

Explore this historic neighbourhood, located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Tanjong Pagar (“cape of stakes”), once a fishing village situated on a former promontory, has evolved into a fashionable and chic district. But traces of its humble past remain – if you will look beneath the surface.

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Telok Ayer – Past and Present

You might think that Chinatown was the place where Singapore’s first Chinese immigrants settled. But did you know that before Chinatown, there was Telok Ayer. Telok Ayer was the original area allocated to the Chinese community in Sir Stamford Raffles’ 1822 Plan for the Town of Singapore. It was around...

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Thrillseeker Adventure Trail

Tired of the usual movie and karaoke options? Ever wondered what else you could do in little ol’ Singapore? Get your heart-pounding, face-flushing, ear-ringing kicks with this Thrillseeker Adventure Trail!