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Queenstown Trail

A Heartland trail in Queenstown Singapore Welcome to Queenstown Singapore! Singapore’s first satellite town, Queenstown, is the home of many “firsts”. Recent redevelopments gave it a new lease on life, injecting freshness into the old. Discover the rich history of this rustic town and explore the remnants of the past...

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Singapore Heritage Food Trail (Hawker Legends)

Here, you’ll learn about four of Singapore’s most revered cuisines – Indian, Malay, Chinese and Peranakan food. Take a gander throughout Singapore on this yumiliscious food trail!

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Singapore Night Trail

What to do at night in Singapore? Are you bored of staying in the hotel as night falls? Check out the Night Trail for places in Singapore that come alive after 6pm! Whether you’re looking to drink, hang out, or simply have a memorable time, these hip and happening locations...

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Singapore Shopping Trail

Follow LocoMole and go shopping in Singapore! Let’s go shopping in Singapore! Come indulge in one of Singaporeans’ favourite pastimes: shopping. The Singapore Shopping Trail will take you all around Singapore’s best shopping spots, from east to west. Whether you’re into high-end fashion or on-trend budget streetwear, this shopping trail will...

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Tanjong Pagar

Explore this historic neighbourhood, located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Tanjong Pagar (“cape of stakes”), once a fishing village situated on a former promontory, has evolved into a fashionable and chic district. But traces of its humble past remain – if you will look beneath the surface.

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Thrillseeker Adventure Trail

Tired of the usual movie and karaoke options? Ever wondered what else you could do in little ol’ Singapore? Get your heart-pounding, face-flushing, ear-ringing kicks with this Thrillseeker Adventure Trail!

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Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail

To most locals, Tiong Bahru is one of the quirkiest, most artistic hoods in Singapore and for good reason. Bursting with personality, this housing estate has a ton of good cafes, trendy boutiques, and other gastronomical gems hidden within art-deco shophouses. Coexisting with these hip new haunts are little pockets...

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Bedok Heartlands Trail

One of Singapore’s most densely populated heartland, Bedok is seeped in history. Comprised of Bedok New Town that feature a large number of affordable Housing and Development Board (HDB) estates, Bedok also has many private residences. Come explore Bedok with Locomole, and learn more about one of Singapore’s oldest and...