So finally! You are planning a trip to Kidzania Singapore with your family. But, you have little clue about this kiddo paradise that everyone spoke about. Here, we prepare a list of FAQ and travelers’ tips for you to aid you in your planning for the exciting day at Kidzania Singapore.

What is Kidzania Singapore like?

Like all well-prepared moms and dads, we know you want to know what’s the place like before you hit the war-zone with the little ones! Here’s a good video rundown of what Kidzania Singapore is like.

And more Instagram photos to help you familiarise yourself with Kidzania Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Kidzania worth the time and money?

Kidzania is a great place for young children, especially those between 4 to 12 years old. If role-playing as a doctor, policeman or fireman is not deemed ‘childish’ by your kid, then this is a place he or she will probably enjoy. Opinions by most parents and children this writer knows are that it is an experience that the kids enjoy and look forward to. A repeated visit is almost a must for every kid.

Q. What is the age group suitable for the Kidzania activities? 

Kidzania’s activities are only suitable for those 4 years old and above. If you are confident that your 3 years+ is able to follow instructions, you could try letting him/her have a go at the activities. Activities are conducted in English and parents are not allowed into the play area with them, so do consider if your child is able to follow the instructions without your help.

Q. Is it suitable for my teenager kids?

The activities are officially for 4 to 17 years old. However, in this writer’s opinion, the role-play activities here are more designed for younger kids aged 4 to 12 years old. Check the list of activities here. If in doubt, ask your kids for their opinions.

Q. How many hours should I allocate for a visit?

An entire day! You will want to go to Kidzania 10 am when it opens and then stay till 6 pm when the last activity ends. There are some 47 activities lined up for the kids. On a day without the crazy queues, your kid might finish 10-12 activities. On a day with queues, you might just cover 8 activities. So an entire day of stay is definitely necessary!

Q. I need to bring my baby/toddler along. What can they do there? 

via Life’s Tiny Miracles

Good news first – kids under 2 need not pay for the entry fee to Kidzania. Kidzania knows parents often need to bring a younger child along, so they designed the RightZKeepers Residence for kids under 4. This is a non role-play toddler-designated area. It comes with its own variable programme for the younger ones. So do ask about it when you are there.

Q. Does adult need to pay? Must I tag along?

Nothing is free in Kidzania World. So you adult do need to pay to get in! Price tag for your kids’ happiness here. Kids under 8 years old need to be accompanied by an adult around the ‘city’. So if your grand plan is to deposit your kid at Kidzania while you chillax on Sentosa Beaches, do check the age of your kid. More guidelines here, mommies and daddies!

Q. What can adults do in Kidzania?

You will be pretty much a chaperone and your kid’s personal photographer the entire day. You are welcomed to watch the kids from outside each activity station.

There are also some limited opportunities to role play with your kids e.g. you can participate in selected role-play activities, such as playing an airline passenger at the Aviation Academy,  a tourist on the travel coach, or as an audience in the Theatre. Alternatively, there is the parents’ lounge with free wi-fi on the 2nd floor for bummer adults.

Related image

Q. Do I need to pack food for the family?

Activities in Kidzania Singapore

Kids prepare their own lunch in Kidzania Singapore

The kids will get food from their activities – they get to eat the hamburger that they made at KFC, or the soup from Soup Spoon or pizza at Pizza Hut. No top up is needed. You could pack some biscuits for the kids which they could munch on while waiting.

On the other hand, adults need to pay for food. Outside food is not allowed. Neither can you leave the premise for dining as passes are for single entry. Fortunately, you do get decent options of food from the full menu of KFC, Soup Spoon, Killiney Kopitiam and Nasi Warung cafe.


via Soup Spoon Instagram

Q. Should my family stay in a hotel on Sentosa Island?

It is not necessary. Singapore is a really small country. Transit from any part of the main island to Sentosa Island will take you 30-45 min by the MRT. If you take a cab from central Singapore, it will take you less than 20 min and cost not more than S$20.  So unless the bulk of your activities over your entire stay is on Sentosa Island (i.e. Universal Studio, Resort World Singapore, the Sentosa Island itself), you can always stay off Sentosa Island and make your way to Kidzania Singapore on Sentosa on the day of your Kidzania activity.

Q. How to go to Kidzania Singapore?

You have the following options to get to Kidzania

  • By Cab – you can cab directly to Kidzania from anywhere. It should cost you less than S$10 from Orchard Road or City Hall with a travel time of 20 min; or S$10-$20 for anywhere further with a travel time of 30 min at max. You will need to pay $2 entry fee per car.
  • By MRT – If you are coming with a big group, it’s recommended that you take the route:
    • MRT to Harbourfront MRT Station  –> Cab from VivoCity or Harbourfront Centre –> Alight at Resort World Sentosa to transfer to Sentosa Express for free –> alight at Beach Station and walk through the bus interchange to Kidzania.
    • This is the longer route and will cost you S$6. But you will save on the Sentosa Express which will cost you $4 per head.

11 Important Tips for Parents 

You would have made miles to come here. So, here are some essential tips for you to make Kidzania Day a smooth sailing day!

#1. Visit on a weekday (Monday to Thursday), please!

Kidzania Singapore on a Monday. No queue!

Kidzania Singapore on a Monday. No queue!

I cannot emphasize how important this is, especially for traveling families who came all the way to Singapore for the Kidzania experience! Avoid the weekends, including Fridays. On the busy days, the place will be overcrowded with kids and parents. You may expect to wait up to 30 min per station.  Mondays are probably a good day to visit. We visited on a Monday and there was no queue at all!

Avoid June and December holiday if you could as those are the Singapore school holidays and it’s usually crowded.

#2. Call up to check on the expected crowd

You could call up Kidzania  (Tel: +65 6653 6888) to check on their expected crowd for the day. Sometimes, they might be expecting a huge school booking on a weekday.

#3. Book your tickets online & arrive early

To ensure entry, it is highly recommended that you book your tickets online. You can book your tickets online 2 months in advance. Kidzania offers monthly promotions if you are looking to go easy on your wallet. For a chance to score some of their monthly promotions, head on over to the Kidzania promotions website.

#4. Getting there – 2 recommended modes of travel

Here are 2 recommended travel options for you

  • Cab in from your hotel – this is convenient and will cost you $10-$20, depending on location of your hotel. Transit time will be about 20min. Use to check transit time and cost from your hotel location.
  • Take MRT to Harbourfront, then take a cab from Vivocity or Harbourfront Centre to Resort World Sentosa ($5-$6) , followed by the Sentosa Express (Free) to Beach Station. This is somewhat cost saving because once you are in Sentosa, you need not pay for Sentosa Express, which would have otherwise cost you $4 per pax!

#5. Make a passport. Make your kid a Kidzanian.


via Kidzania

There are several perks in becoming a Kidzanian – the kid gets more ‘salary’ (Kidzos) and higher discounts than others. You can use the passport at any Kidzania outlet worldwide (except for Bangkok’s Kidzania at this moment). If you are game, go to Level 2 and make your kid a Kidzania passport at S$22. Do this before starting any activities, so that he can start collecting stamps, starting from his very first ‘job’.

#6. Pre-register at Aviation Academy (Pilot or Cabin Crew) on Level 2

Kids queuing up to be a pilot or cabin crew

Kids queuing up for registration to be a pilot or cabin crew during distribution time.

The Aviation Academy is the one of the popular activity that requires pre-registration. This mean, you need to do the following

  1. Have your kid queue up during the allocated distribution time (10 am,1130 am, 130 pm) on Level 2. NOTE: Adults are not allowed to queue for the kids!
  2. Kids in the queue will be asked if they want to be a pilot or cabin crew.
  3. They will then be given an activity slot ticket (2 pm, 4 pm) which confirms their slots.
  4. Kids must then go to the Pilot Training Facility during the activity time for their activity. Latecomers might miss the activity. So do not let your kid start any other activity just before their activity time.
  5. If you want to start other activities before the aviation activity, always inform the Zupervisors at other stations that your kid has an aviation booking, and have them advise if your kid have ample time for the activity at their stations.

Also note that your kid can only choose to be either a pilot or a cabin crew on the same day.

Activity Ticket & Distribution time

Aviation Academy Activity Tickets & Distribution time via

#7. Prepare a Lanyard for your kid

Related image

It is good to prepare a lanyard for your kids to hold their Kidzania passports, ATM cards, and Kidzo dollar notes. All these will be frequently used at the start and end of each activity for record of salary earned and expenses deducted.

#8. Do not throw away the hairnet – reuse it to earn $$$

Hairnet Kidzania

Kids will be rewarded for recycling the hairnet

Kids will be given a hairnet at the activities that involve food preparation. Remember to keep it for the other food preparation activities. They will be rewarded with a Kidzo dollar if they reuse their hairnets.

#9. Scout around while waiting for your kids

Each activity will take 10-20 min (not including waiting time). If you aren’t taking MORE random photos of your kids, you could scout around the ‘city’ for the next activity with short queues. But note that you are not allowed to queue for them.

#10. Have ample time for shopping in the Kidzania shop using Kidzo dollars

If you want your kids to buy some souvenirs using their Kidzo dollars, set aside 30 min for them to do so before the entire city closes at 6pm. This means they should end their last activity by 530pm, rush to the bank to bank in their Kidzo cash. You want to avoid the crowd at the bank before the city closes too.

The shop is not as stringent about its closing time as the activities stations, but you should still make your way to the Kidzania shop to allow the kids to do their own shopping before 6 pm. Note that only kids can go into the Kidzania shop to spend their Kidzo dollars. They get the full liberty to decide what they want to buy with their hard earned money!

For adults who want to buy souvenirs using real currency, you can do so at the souvenir shop near the custom counters.

#11. End the day off at Sentosa Beach Station with Fireworks

Your Kidzania day will end at 6-630 pm. If your kids aren’t too tired, you could consider having dinner at Beach Station (Good Old Days serve decent local fare), followed by Wings of Time at 740 pm or 840 pm. There will be fireworks at the end of the show. So do stay around to end your day with some fireworks!

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