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Have you always wanted to explore the Marina Bay Sands area but never knew what was worth exploring or where to start? Or have you always wanted to do something for charity but wasn’t sure exactly how? Have no fear! The Marina Bay Singapore Countdown (MBSC) Charity Trail, powered by the LocoMole app has got you completely covered. Here’s the top 5 reasons why you (and everyone else you know) should check out the MBSC Charity Trail.


1. Best Viewing Experience of the Fireworks

Marina Bay Sands Fireworks


Want to get front row seats for the fireworks display and not pay for it? The MBSC Charity Trail has got your back! With all 11 hotspots located around the Marina Bay Sands area, you’ll be able to get an amazing view of the entire display, regardless of which part of the trail you’re at when the fireworks begin. Otherwise, start the Charity Trail a few days prior to the 31st or a few hours before the countdown begins, and find that perfect viewing spot just for you while on the trail. You’re guaranteed to find your favorite spot.


2. Tis the Season of Giving

Season of Giving


As we count our blessings during Christmas and the New Year, let’s not forget the less fortunate. If you’ve always wanted to do something for charity, start off 2018 by spreading the cheer with the MBSC Charity Trail. Powered by LocoMole, explore 11 hotspots around Marina Bay and complete challenges at 7 dedicated stations. Learn about the different charities that are being supported by the stakeholders this year and get the opportunity to further the cause by making a donation or signing up as a volunteer to an organisation of your choice.


3. Experience the Carnival Like No Other

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival


The first hotspot in the trail of 11, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival will definitely be a hit with both young and old. The carnival boosts over 40 games and rides and various food, drinks and programmes. With free admission, you’ll only have to pay for the rides, games and food and drinks with prices starting from as low as $4! This year, Prudential has chosen the Make-A-Wish Foundation as their beneficiary, so you can help bring joy to medically eligible children in Singapore while also having the best time of your life. Whoever said charity work is boring has clearly never taken part in the MBSC Charity Trail.


4. Learn Even More About Singapore and its Quirky Statues

Quirky Statues


Ever looked at the sculptures around Marina Bay and thought “why is this even here” or “what does this even mean”? I know I have. Jump aboard the MBSC Charity Trail and have all your questions answered. As part of the Trail, you’ll be tasked to photograph different sculptures as part of a challenge or an activity to do before you get your reward (yup, you read that right, your reward!). Through these easy tasks, you’ll be able to find out why the sculpture was placed there and the meaning behind each sculpture. Get on it quick – this is your chance to expand your knowledge and do something for charity!


5. Be on Santa’s Nice List and Get Rewards



Everyone loves presents and being rewarded, so don’t say we bojio you. By taking part in the MBSC Charity Trail and completing the mini tasks and games, you’ll get rewarded! At 7 dedicated stations, you’ll have the opportunity to play a game or scan a sculpture to reveal a mystery gift. Gifts include Prudential Marina Bay Carnival credits as well as shopping and dining vouchers. Each individual that takes part in the Trail stands the chance to receive up to $300 worth of credits and vouchers! So what are you waiting for, let’s go!

If you would like to find out more about the MBSC Charity Trail, check out the map or find out more about the different charities. Otherwise, don’t wait anymore! Grab everyone you know and get going on the Charity Trail of the year! Download the Locomole app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to get started.

— Written by Jalene Teo

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