Theme parks in Singapore are great places to bring your family & loved ones since it’s an all-in-one spot where you can traverse, explore, and check out rides and attractions. But still, if you need to find a place to bring the little ones, you’ll need to stretch the definition of a theme park. Don’t expect to find too many instances of Six Flags. In fact, the majority of these theme parks are not filled with the kind of breathtaking roller coasters you want. At the very least, you’ll get a kick out of our choices.

From the no-brainer picks to the wet-and-wild, here are our choices.

Universal Studios Singapore


Where Is It? 8 Sentosa Gateway. Just go to Vivocity via MRT (Northeast/Purple Line or Circle Line will do). Go to the third floor of Vivocity and then take the special train that will take you to the first stop of Sentosa Island. You’ll find USS, thanks to the incredibly-huge Universal Studios globe fountain landmark.

What’s The Theme? Universal Studios films and intellectual property, all turned into exhilarating rides and amusement sights. If you like Battlestar Galactica, Michael Bay’s version of The Transformers, and Jurassic Park, you’re in heaven here.

What’s In It? A lot of rides and theme park attractions. USS is the go-to spot for all of your roller coasters and theme park rides. Take a spin in the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon ride, the Jurassic Park Rapid Rides (poncho included), and the Transformers 3D ride.

If you’re a fan of horror films, you can wait until October for the annual Halloween Horror Nights attraction which is packed with free scare zones and paid horror hallway booths. If you want to get your scare on, of course.

Finally, you can experience the everyday street entertainment, the Sesame Street-themed and Steven Spielberg-themed stage shows if you want something less adrenaline-laced.


How Much? Since this is a worldwide franchise, expect to fork out a lot. We suggest you get a 1-day ticket with the Express feature and come down early in the morning to experience all of its attractions.

Adult -SG76
Kid -SG56
Senior- SG38
Universal Express -SG30+ (one-time)

Adventure Cove Sentosa


Where Is It? 8 Sentosa Gateway. Just like with USS, just go to Vivocity via MRT (Northeast/Purple Line or Circle Line will do). Take the special train to Sentosa Island, and follow the signs to Adventure Cove.

What’s The Theme? Water. Lots of it.

What’s In It? A lot of water slides & splash-worthy activities, so bring your swimwear. If you fancy some sun and a lot of water activities, there is no better place in the middle of Singapore than the Adventure Cove. Compete in a one-on-one sliding duel in the Dueling Racer.

Ride in an inflatable built-for-two raft and go down the Pipeline Plunge, Spiral Washout, Tidal Twister,  and Riptide Rocket ride. Go climbing and traversing in the Splashworks playground filled with ropes, climbable obstacles,and water, or even the aptly-named Water Maze. If you prefer to get in touch with nature, go pet the dolphins in the Dolphin Island area.

How Much? We recommend you get the one-day ticket so you can check out all of the water rides. The Dolphin Island costs extra, so choose wisely if you want to go for both of them or if you can only dedicate your time to either the water park or the dolphin-petting spot.

Adventure Cove Sentosa

Adult: SG$38
Child/Senior: SG$30

Dolphin Island

Dolphin Adventure Package

Adult: SG$128
Child/Senior: $118

S.E.A Aquarium


Where Is It? Resorts World Sentosa. Like with USS, take the train down to Vivocity and take the special train to Sentosa Island. The signs are big enough to point you to the really huge aquarium.

What’s The Theme? Water and wildlife.

What’s In It? Aquatic life; lots of it, so get your kids and your cameras for the wonders of nature. On one side you have a giant aquarium spanning a giant underground alcove that houses a ton of fishes, aquatic species, and other oceanic wonders from all across world.

From the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean, visitors will be treated with a ton of beautiful natural sights. Jellyfishes of iridescent colours, sharks of different sizes and genuses, and a cavalcade of lionfishes, squirrelfishes, stingrays, and moray eels: it’s a feast for the mind, body, and soul to see them swim in peace.

If your kids are feeling restless, you can just head straight to Adventure Cove right after since it’s nearby.

How Much? The Day Passes vary between ages. Residents of Singapore get a discount, unfortunately.

Adult: SG$39
Child/Senior: SG$29

Pororo Park


Where Is It? 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-29. Head to Marina Square via North/South/Red Line (City Hall) or Circle/Yellow Line (Esplanade). What’s The Theme? South Korean-made anthropomorphic animals based on the Pororo The Penguin franchise.


What’s In It? A pretty large character-themed indoor park meant for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Kids can take a slow ride on the Pororo Express train while also getting some exercise walking and running around the plastic domicile that is the Pororo House. Kids can also get a kick out of the large Poby’s Play Gym filled with all manners of slides, crawlspaces, and ball-filled pits.

And who can resist the ball-filled allure that is the Shark Ball Pool, which thankfully does not feature live sharks?

How Much? It depends on the hours needed for your kids and toddlers.

Children aged 2-12 years: SG$29.90 (3 hours for weekdays, 2 hours for weekends/public holidays)
Children below 2 years: SG$24.50  (3 hours for weekdays, 2 hours for weekends/public holidays)
Accompanying adults: SG$6.00

Wild Wild Wet


Where Is It? Downtown East. Alight at Pasir Ris MRT station (vie East West/Green line), then take one of these buses: 3, 5, 6, 12, 17, 21, 89, 354, 358. Get off at the first stop; you’ll be smack-dab in front of Wild Wild Wet.

What’s The Theme? Water. Lots of it. Just like with Adventure Cove, bring a swimsuit or two.

What’s In It? A lot of water slides and rides for all ages. If you would rather not experience the hustle and bustle of Sentosa and central Singapore, you should try out the far east side of the island. This water park comes packed to the gill with tubular attractions like the Vortex and Kraken Racers.


If you prefer a group-based raft experience, the Ular-lah and the Royal Flush rides are the way to go. Best of all, if you need to place your kids in a safe water-themed zone, there’s the Professor’s Playground, the Yippie!, and the Splash Play areas so you can try out the other hardcore offerings.

How Much? Weekends will cost you a tad more than weekdays. Get the Family Package for a decent discount.

Adult (13 years and above): SG$24/SG$32
Child: SG$18/SG$24
Family Package (2 Adults, 2 Children): SG$78/SG$102



Where Is It? Central Singapore. Alight at Stadium MRT (via Circle/Yellow line) and head towards the Singapore Sports Hub.

What’s The Theme? Water. Lots of it.

What’s In It? Folks looking for a moderate amount of water-based fun but don’t wish to venture too far away from the city can look forward to Splash-N-Surf. The park’s Water Play Area & Kid’s Pool is the perfect spot for children to run around in while getting their water-based playtime fix.

The Lazy River lets you and your pals float along a river path on a float; due to its namesake it can be very relaxing and meditative at times. The adventurous among you can check out the Stingray halfpipe surfacing facility where you can go bodyboarding and skimboarding on a man-made pathway.

How Much? It depends. If you want to take it easy, it will cost you as low as SG$2. If you want to spend 3 hours on the Stingray, you may need to fork out a bit more.


Weekdays:SG$30 per hour, SG$75 for 3 hours.
Peak Periods: SG$35 per hour, SG$90 for 3 hours.
Lazy River: SG$2

Water Play Area & Kid’s Pool: Free

Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens)



Where Is It? Southwest of Singapore. Take the Circle Line MRT to Haw Par Villa. And then take the exit out that will lead you to Haw Par Villa.

What’s The Theme? Dioramas of divinity and divine punishment.

What’s In It? The main attraction of the Haw Par Villa park is the Ten Courts of Hell diorama that takes place in a dimly-lit cave. The diorama features the many methods of torture for specific sinners and how they end up reincarnating after serving their sentences. Viewers and visitors will be treated to a number of odd and unique displays and life-sized dioramas. You let us know if the following pictures scare you or tickle your fancy.




How Much? It’s free. So if you want to give your young ones something to cower at or laugh at, just bring them here for a half an hour stroll.

If You Feel Like Going Next Door In Malaysia…

Don’t forget to bring your passports though.



Where Is It? In Johor. You’ll have to take either a bus or a private car to take you there. The former is about SG$6 per trip while the latter is about SG$150 per trip.

What’s The Theme? LEGO bricks, and all the pop culture IPs associated with it.

What’s In It? A Danish funfair and toy conglomerate coming to life. If you want to see miniature cities and all sorts of dioramas built out of LEGO bricks, this is the place to be. Take photos, pose with the young ones, gaze at them in awe: the LEGOLAND theme park is all about taking in the various constructions of LEGO setpieces while being outdoors in sunny Malaysia.

Of course if you want rides, you’ve got them. The Great LEGO Race, the Ninjago Ride,  Dragon’s Apprentice, Dino Island: LEGO’s got them all! If you need a water park fix, LEGOLAND’s Water Park is filled with all sorts of hydro-based attractions from the Build-A-Raft Rider to the slides like Twin Chaser and Tidal Tube.

How Much? If you want to keep dry, just buy the 1-Day pass. If you’re an early riser and can visit both the land and water park before the gates close at 6pm, get the combo.

1-Day Pass

Adult: RM141/SG$48
Child: RM112/SG38

1-Day Combo

Adult: RM 178/SG$60
Child: RM141/SG$47

If You Want A Virtual Theme Park Instead, Try…

Zero Latency


Where Is It? In Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-346, Suntec City Mall. Take the Circle Line MRT and alight at Promenade or Esplanade; it’ll be quite a journey as Suntec City is really, REALLY big.

What’s The Theme? Virtual Reality.

What’s In It? A zombie apocalypse and a bunch of sci-fi settings to explore. While we’re stretching the “theme park” definition here with this entry, visitors can at least get some good exercise running in place and test out their reflexes. Using state-of-the-art free-roaming virtual reality systems, you’ll get a kick out of how real and how life-like these otherworldly experiences are.

Outbreak Origins and Zombie Survival lets you shoot up zombies in a virtual contemporary space. Singularity is a sci-fi adventure, while Engineerium is a walking adventure and puzzle experience tailor-made for all-ages.

How Much? It’s SG$59 per person per game if you bring a big group. Each game will last you about 30-45 minutes.

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