Resorts World Sentosa – affectionately shortened by locals to RWS – is a must go for tourists and locals alike. But what can you do there? Which hotel should you book? What’s special about it? We give you the lowdown of what’s worth seeing (and doing) in this integrated resort.

Live in style in Resorts World Sentosa

Festive Hotel RWS

Festive Hotel RWS – Photo source: STB

True to its name, there are plenty of hotels with distinct styles to pick from in Resorts World Sentosa, aka RWS. There are three hotels in the central area:

  • Festive Hotel
    If you’re booking for a family, try the Festive Hotel – known for its loft beds, fun style and child-friendly environment.
  • Hotel Michael
    Hotel Michael has a much more elegant feel to its interior, and is also the hotel nearest to Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Hard Rock Hotel
    Hard Rock Hotel offers a more chillax atmosphere, as locals love to say, with plenty of dining and entertainment options as well as a ballroom. The rooms come with pull-out beds too – perfect for a stay with your besties!

On the other hand, if you prefer staying closer to water, two hotels can be found near AdventureCove water park and S.E.A Aquarium:

  • Equarius Hotel & Beach Villas

Lobby of Equarius Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa. Photo by Marklin Ang. Photo Source: STB

This lovely eco-friendly hotel is located just minutes away from S.E.A Aquarium and Sentosa’s numerous nature hikes. If you prefer a more rustic feel, this is the hotel for you. For a more idyllic retreat, try one of RWS’ Beach Villas.

  • Ocean Suite
    Ocean Suites at Resorts World Sentosa.

There are only 11 of these exclusive suites, and each one has a viewing panel for you to look right into the world’s largest aquarium! Lie on your bed and enjoy the magical underwater sanctuary in private, without other jostling tourists or pesky cameras.

  • Crockfords TowerIf you’re just in it for luxury, however, there’s no better option than the Crockfords Tower, located right above the casino. For luxury and nature all in one, you could book the TreeTop Loft and live in five-star luxury with a personal butler at your beck and call.

Gamble (legally. *gasp*)

RWS Casino

Many things are banned in Singapore, but gambling is not – that is, if you do it at the two casinos on the island. The RWS casino is open 24/7 and is just below Crockford Tower. With over 500 gaming tables, lottery themes like Star Wars, and a host of dining options, we guarantee you’ll be enjoying yourself for days! With a small fortune. Hopefully.

Note: you will be kicked out for inappropriate dressing! Shorts, slippers and singlets are not allowed. Avoid wearing a hat, sunglasses or other accessories that cover your facial features too. Or those men in sunglasses at the entrance might come after you.

Experience the movies

Universal Studios Singapore sits right at your doorstep here in RWS. It’s also the only non-water theme park left in the country – when it’s regularly 30 degrees out, you’d prefer getting wet while looking for thrill.

Since it’s the one place where you can scream your lungs out and fawn over Steven Spielberg’s special effects, we’ve gone ahead and written out our day in USS for your reference.

Have a splashin’ good time

Dueling Racer at Adventure Cove Waterpark, Resorts World Sentosa. Photo by Afur Wong.

Dueling Racer at Adventure Cove Waterpark, Resorts World Sentosa. Photo by Afur Wong. Photo Source: STB

What’s that? You’ve already been to water parks? But have you snorkeled with tropical fishes and/or had a blast on Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic roller coaster? No? Then you have to put Adventure Cove Waterpark on your list of places-to-go in RWS.

There’s always the Adventure wave pool for lazy bums, obstacle courses for the competitive, and a giant water playground for children. And if you can’t get enough of marine animals, sign up for a meet-and-greet session with sea pancakes – sorry, we mean manta rays.

Walk under the sea

If you can’t get enough of marine life, there’s always the S.E.A Aquarium to satisfy your needs. Go on a magical underwater journey and spot sharks, jellyfishes, stingrays and other fishes that inhabit the Straits of Malacca and Karimata.

Halfway through the aquarium, you sit and watch these marine creatures live peacefully through a ceiling-to-floor glass wall, while enjoying a bite. The aquarium is also joined to the Maritime Experiential Museum*, which offers you an educational insight into Asia’s maritime history.

*-Note: the museum will be closed from 15 April 2017 to end 2017 as it undergoes major renovations. You may continue to visit the S.E.A Aquarium in this time, so put it on your to-do list anyway!

Shop with class

Galleria RWS Sentosa

Galleria RWS Sentosa

Don’t be fooled by the fun and games on this list so far. RWS does have a variety of shops to satisfy your shopping cravings. From branded goods to candies and basic necessities, RWS has it all! So drop your older kids off for a day at USS while you indulge in luxurious spa treatments or finally buy that one watch or bag you’ve always been eyeing.

Catch a production

It’s not all strenuous activities at RWS, of course. RWS boasts a fully equipped theatre that hosts everything, from concerts to musicals. Shows change with the seasons, and you can find out what the latest performances are here.

Enjoy a flashy show

If indoor shows aren’t your thing, you can always go outdoors! Head to the Festive Walk at night, as the Lake of Dreams lights up in a fantastic light, fire and water show everyday at 11pm.

And if you think that’s too late for a show, there’s always the Crane Dance light and water show at the Waterfront, at 8pm daily.

Crane Dance in Resorts World Sentosa. Photo by Afur Wong Photo Source: STB

What are you waiting for?

There’s much to do at Resorts World Sentosa, and it’s one of the best places in Singapore for a fun-filled family holiday. So throw your stuff into your luggage, book a room, and get going!

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