Despite being one of the densest populated cities, Singapore’s transportation system is also one of the most efficient. There are many things to see and do around the sunny island! With your mobile phone, you can get to your desired destination quickly and without getting very lost. Here are our top 6 Singapore transport apps that will assist you in your travelling around Singapore on your own.

6. CityMapper


CityMapper has all of Singapore’s transport functionalities built into one app. Wondering if you should take the bus, MRT, LRT, cab or just walk? CityMapper can show you which mode of transport will be the fastest way to get to your destination. The app will also warn you about routes that will cause delays or will be closed. There is also a desktop website that you can use.

Download on Apple Store and Android Play Store.


5. MyTransport Singapore

MyTransport is the official transport app provided by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA). MyTransport allows you to customize and select your favourite transport services for quick and easy use. One very useful feature of MyTransport allows you to track traffic in real time by giving you access to the traffic cameras.

Download on Apple Store and Android Play Store.


4. Grab


Grab is Singapore’s own ridesharing app. If you’re in a hurry, you can open up the app to order the nearest Grab car or motorbike to pick you up and then drop you off where you need to be. It’s just like a taxi service, except instead of standing in a line and waiting for a taxi to come to you, you can request a taxi to pick you up anywhere.

Download on Apple Store and Android Play Store.



Shopping in malls and eating good food are two of the most popular things to do while  visiting Singapore. will help you make the most out of your shopping and eating experience. Besides helping you find bus stops or the best driving routes, will also provide you with store directories and discounts available in the malls around Singapore. This is not just a Singapore transport app that helps you navigate your way around the island, but one that helps you shop and eat too. If you’re not on mobile, there’s also a desktop version available.

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2. SG Buses



SG Buses is a very Singapore transport app for travelers who rely on buses. The app will provide you with everything you need to know about Singapore’s bus system. Bus stops, arrival times, routes, seat availability, and bus numbers are all available inside the app. You can also bookmark your most frequently used buses and bus stops.

Download on Apple Store and Android Play Store.


1. LocoMole



Locomole is an app that will help you experience Singapore to the fullest. Using Locomole, you can explore Singapore on your own. By using the detailed trails, you can go on a curated, self-guided walking tour on any of Singapore’s must-see attractions like Chinatown, Little India, Marina Bay, Gardens By The Bay and much more. Packed with features like Augmented Reality and game challenges, Locomole will let you experience the most out of these attractions. Pair Locomole with any of the above transportation apps to help you quickly and easily travel between Singapore’s many attractions.

Now that you’re equipped with some of the best tools to navigate your way around Singapore, here are some places you could visit next using your new Singapore transport app.

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