If you are sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of Singapore and looking for a getaway from the city life, then its high time for you to pay a visit to the local farms in Singapore. Yes, there are farms in Singapore where you can bring your kids to this weekend! Get in touch with nature again at these 5 animal or vegetable farms in Singapore.

1. Bollywood Veggies



One of the more famous vegetable farms in Singapore, Bollywood Veggies was established when a Singaporean couple met with an identity crisis in life upon seeing their best friend’s husband passing. Initially having decided to migrate to Perth for retirement, the duo gave up their dream and decided to throw their life towards farming, something that they have always wanted to explore.

Today, public gets to sign up for different tours and events within the farm to learn more about organic and sustainable farming that is environmentally friendly. During the tour, members would also get to pick and taste these fresh vegetables and fruits from the plants itself, the truest way of “farm to the table”.

Address: 100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026

2. Quan Fa Organic Farm 


Whether or not you are looking to cut down on your red meat intake because of environmental or health reason, its high time to pay a visit to Singapore’s very own organic vegetable farm. Quan Fa believes in organic farming and hence, shunning chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and other harmful fertilisers.

One of the larger local vegetable distributor, be mind blown during their farm tour as you encounter the different varieties of leafy green vegetables, root vegetables, sprouts , herbs and many more! If you plan to bring your child along, maybe it would be a fun time to play a game in seeing who’s best at identifying vegetables!

Address: 2G Neo Tiew Lane (Plot 119, Singapore 719095

3. Hay Dairies



Singapore’s very own goat farm, Hay Dairies is up for a visit! Families or groups can join the free and easy tour on their farm without any prior booking. But if you are keen to witness the milking session from the goats, be sure to be there from 9.30am to 10.30am. During the tour, you would get to tour around the farm at your own pace, observing the goats lazing around or looking out of their barns curiously. You would also have firsthand experience feeding these goats and purchase freshly squeezed goat’s milk directly on the farm!

Address: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859

4. The Animal Resort


If you are an animal lover, or looking to educate your child on animals, then Animal Resort is probably the best place to bring your child to. A smaller and an up-close version of animals than Singapore Zoo, visitors would receive an intimate experience with the animals. You would get to see live birds, chickens, ducks, a family of geese and many other small animals roaming around freely. And by freely, we meant freely without any enclosure.

Hence, a perfect time for you or your little one to get up close with these animals to feed and care for them. The Animal Resort is also way smaller than Singapore Zoo, so you can be sure that you or your little one would not get too tired from all the walking.

Address:  81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798058

5. Open Farm Community


If you are looking for a place to eat after a farm tour, then you would love the Open Farm Community which is one of the pioneers in Singapore food scene to have started this “Farm-to-Table” movement.  Upon walking in, diners would walk past a large outdoor area which is also known as the edible garden where some of this cafe’s ingredients are sourced from. Open farm is more than a cafe. This entire dining experience is artistic and allows you to be fully engaged with your senses.

With this open kitchen concept, patrons get to see how their food is being prepared, the ingredients that these chefs use.  And without a double, you can be rest assured that your ingredients are seasonal and not pumped with chemicals to increase their growth rate, and all your ingredients are locally sourced. Also, if you love a cup of cocktail to go with your meal, then you are definitely in the right place. Headed by the head bartender of Tipsy Club, Open Farm Bar offers interesting and refreshing cocktail mix to their patrons. Be amazed at how fresh and tasty Singapore food can be, and remember, to never drink and drive.

Address: 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819