As a food paradise haven, Singapore has no lack of good restaurants. But what about some private dining? Prepared in their own homes, these chefs devote their lives to honing their craft, preserving their family recipes, and choose to only serve a limit number of people so they could better focus their attention to every single individual.

We are glad that the private dining scene in Singapore has been gradually proliferating, protecting culture from being lost. So here are the 4 private dining experiences in Singapore that we highly recommend you to try!

1. Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen



Housed within a private property within East Coast Road, this restaurant is run by Chef Sam Wong. It’s so popular that it has been pre-booked 10 months in advanced. The reason for this kitchen’s popularity lies in the chef’s unique method of food preparation. Till today, he insists on using charcoal to cook his food and spend long hours simmering it, making sure that his food are well-flavored and marinated.

His charcoal boiled pork shoulder soup is boiled for 11 hours while his signature dish – Lucky Roast Duck is marinated for 2 days and sun-dried for a day. Sam believes in using minimal flavoring to bring out the natural taste of the food, which is probably the secret to his restaurant’s popularity.

Pricing: $80/pax
Address: 267 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 466413
Tel: +65 9823 7268

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 6.30pm to 10pm
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

2. Fatfuku



Founded by Annette Tan, a food writer and a chef, she wishes to spread the knowledge and culture about her Peranakan- Eurasian culture to more people. Armed with words, Annette tells mesmerising stories about her family recipes, her family’s traditional Peranakan-Eurasian recipes and articulates stories linked with each meal.

Her seven course meal prepared in her very own loft,  is never static and ever changing. Her friendliness and knowledge sharing also makes the ambience warm and cozy, it’s going to be hard to leave when you finish your meal!

Pricing: $95/pax
Address: Upper East Coast Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 9387 6399

Opening Hours: 
Tues – Fri, and 2 Sun afternoons per month

3. The Ampang Kitchen



The chef, Raymond, whose  love for Peranakan food is so deep that it drove him into establishing the Ampang Kitchen. Prepared meticulously with 12 herbs and spices, the Nonya Chicken Curry is his signature dish. For a more multifaceted taste, add the curry to their Penang Dao You Bak (Braised Pork in Soya Sauce) and enjoy the full-bodied combination of sweet, buttery, and savoury.

Don’t worry if you are price sensitive or coming in a large group. Diners can opt for $60/pax for a 6 course lunch menu, or $100/pax  for a 9 course dinner menu. Feel free to bring your friends along as his place is able to accommodate up to 14 people.

The Ampang Kitchen
Address: 39 Jalan Ampang, Singapore
Tel: 9618 7107

4. The WoodEar



If you are looking for a private dining experience but is concerned with budget, then Woodear might be the place for you. For only $39.60/pax, diner gets to enjoy 5 course meal, making it one of the most affordable private dining experience in Singapore. However, do note that Woodear is more suited to host an intimate group of people, with only 2- 5 per session. And make sure to keep your Saturdays free if you plan to visit the WoodEar as that is the only day that they would be opening.

The unique and beautiful thing about private dining is the intimacy that diner gets to enjoy with the chef which is rare in restaurants. Also, each private chef has a story to tell, making the food taste a lot nicer than it already is after hearing the story and meaning behind each course. And most importantly, as each private dining’s core lies within the private chef, it means that such experience, food and ambience cannot be replicated elsewhere, making the dining experience memorable. Isn’t this what travelling is all about? Creating special and unforgettable memories.