With chain stores, self-ordering system, fast paced lifestyle and artificial intelligence looming, eating simply becomes “part of the everyday life” that its rare for one to truly enjoy his/her meal. Usually a good meal in Singapore comes with a hefty price tag. But not these few! Known for its hospitality, these four dining places in Singapore will no doubt give you that warm fuzzy feeling you’ve been missing.

1. Bar Stories



Unlike other bars where you simply order off the menu, at Bar Stories each drinker receives a personalised cocktail from the bartender himself. Just like the name suggest, each drink is a representative of your story – story of the day. So the bar itself is menu-less. Drinker would have to convey their current feelings, events that occured throughout the day to the bartender, who would then translate the feelings into a drink.

Hence, making each cocktail a bespoke one, without having to pay for the customised price. Somedays, the bartender is able to work his magic not just through his drink, but through his personality. If you are down, he would find ways to talk until you feel slightly better. Be amazed at what a stranger and a good cocktail can do!

Bar Stories
55-57A Haji Ln, Singapore 189248

2. The GlassHouse



Known for its good coffee, but even more known for its warm hospitality. One of the pioneers for the cafe scene in Singapore, Glasshouse has attracted many loyal customers who simply love their brew and coffee beans. However, what keeps these customers are not just the coffee solely, but the warm feeling that these baristas exude. Once you enter the cafe more than 3 times, your order is being memorised automatically.

This also means that your favorite coffee would be served to you without you asking, because your barista has remembered your cuppa. More importantly, Glasshouse is never stingy in sharing their coffee knowledge. Despite being one of the pioneers, they have nurtured multiple other coffee owners in Singapore and they would always be there when one of their friend opens a new cafe.

“Never competition, always collaboration”, says Glasshouse.

Address: 30 Victoria St, #01-03 Chijmes, Singapore 187996

3. HomeGround Coffee Roasters



Opened only in 2018, Homeground Coffee Roasters have since won a barista competition and has now slowly becoming one of the most popular coffee houses in Singapore. Despite their gain in popularity, Homeground never forgets their customers. Regular customers often get invited for tasting sessions or private parties, making it exclusive. During the soft launch of the menu or the tasting sessions, food would go completely for free, or customers would pay for the price that they felt led to, building a greater rapport between the customers and the owners.

Address: 475 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427682

4. Penang Place 



One of the most popular restaurants in Singapore which is known for it Penang Cuisine. Prepared by 7 Penang Chefs, the Penang buffet has more than 30 perennial hawker favourites which include Char Koay Teow, Penang Hokkien Mee, Penang Laksa, Penang Rojak, Chendol, Ice Kachang, Nasi Lemak etc. However, what gives people the warm feeling isn’t the food itself, but the heart of the founder. Situated within Suntec, the Penang Place earns about $4.5 million revenue. However, it does profit-sharing with its employees to acknowledge their effort in building up the company.  Half of the company’s profit is channelled into a foundation they own, to help the poor and the needy. More importantly, despite the effort that went into creating the buffet, each person is only charged for less than $25 for its lunch buffet, making it a warm and affordable place. 

Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-314/315/316 Suntec City Mall West Wing, 038983

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