Wondering what to do in Bugis? Packed with places to see, things to eat and activities to do, Bugis is a favorite spot for both tourists and locals alike.  Follow this list for 14 things to do in Bugis.


Bugis Junction

Bugis Junction is more than just a shopping mall, it is one of Singapore’s most popular entertainment centers. Located in the heart of the Civic and Cultural District and connected to the InterContinental Singapore Hotel and the Bugis MRT station, the mall is very accessible and easy to reach. One of the special features of the mall is its atmosphere. Combining the style of historic shophouses with the comforts of a modern mall, you will feel like you’re walking through the past.



Right across the street from Bugis Junction is the Bugis+ mall. While Bugis Junction mixes traditional shopping atmosphere with the modern, Bugis+ is more of your conventional modern mall with a unique building design. You can visit the largest Uniqlo store in Singapore or go fishing and prawning in the 24/7 indoor air-conditioned pond in Bugis+. Easily walk between Bugis Junction and Bugis+ with the suspended bridge that connects these two malls.


Haji Lane

Located in the narrowest street in Singapore, Haji Lane has rows of historic shophouses. Here you can shop for local products not found in malls. Also try out local food and drinks in the street cafes. Filled with rich history of sheikhs helping pilgrims go to Mecca, this street has been revamped to appeal to modern crowds while still showing off its heritage.



Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant

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Serving delicious traditional Chinese and Singaporean cuisine, Wing Seong Fatty’s is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bugis. Whether you’re eating indoors or al fresco, you’ll be sure to enjoy the classic cuisine served at the restaurant.


NOX – Dine in the dark

NOX is a unique dining experience you can find near Bugis. Opening only at night, NOX offers a dining experience in complete darkness. In the restaurant, you will be seated in a pitch-black room and will be served food and guided by blind or visually impaired hosts. Put yourself in their shoes and experience enjoying the exquisite food using only 4 of your senses.


Zam Zam

Enjoy a mix of authentic Indian-Muslim and Chinese cuisine in Zam Zam. Located in between Village Hotel Bugis and Masjid Sultan, Zam Zam is known for having perfected the nasi biryani, murtabak, roti prata and serving various other dishes such as mee goreng and curry.


Entre-nous creperie

Making authentic French crepes, Entre-nous Creperie doesn’t only serve deserts, it also makes full-fledged meals out of crepes. Enjoy traditional French dishes such as escargot and duck confit, along with buckwheat crepes filled with eggs, ham, cheese, and many other additions. After choosing your main meal, don’t forget to make room for the many different options of dessert crepes.



Bugis Street

Bugis Street is home to the biggest street market in Singapore. The Bugis Street Market is the place where you can get some cheap local souvenirs to bring home from Singapore. Browse the three floors of Bugis Street Market to experience what it feels like to be a local in Singapore while also looking at a bunch of cheap souvenirs and snacks.

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Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Located right next to the Ibis Hotel on Bencoolen, the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, also known as the Kuan Yin Ma temple, is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Singapore. Often visited by devotees, the temple can still be very crowded outside of the Chinese New Year season. Devotees would visit to offer their incense and pray to Kuan Yin for good luck. Devotees aren’t the only ones that can pray to the temple, tourists can also join in to pray and learn about the temple from the English translated divination slips.


Sri Krishnan Temple

Located only a few steps away from the Kwan Im temple, the Sri Krishnan temple is the only South Indian Hindu temple in Singapore that is solely dedicated to the god Sri Krishna. Built in 1870, the Sri Krishna temple was built to cater to the needs of the growing Hindu community in Singapore. While the main temple is out of bounds, tourists and worshippers can still wander around the courtyard and examine the beautiful craftsmanship of the temple, and to observe the rituals of the devotees.


Singapore Art Museum

Visit the Singapore Art Museum to appreciate contemporary local art. Opened in 1996, the art museum is one of the earliest museums in Southeast Asia with international-standard facilities and art programs. The museum holds exhibitions that changes every few months so you’ll be sure to see something new with each visit. Peer into the hearts and minds of locals from past to present through their art that are permanent exhibits of the museum.


National Library

Standing at 16 stories tall, the National Library is the biggest library in Singapore. Visit the library to admire its architecture and browse the vast collection of books. You can also head to the 10th floor to visit the rooftop garden and catch a panoramic view of the city. When you’re tired, take a break at the café on the 3rd floor outside the Drama Centre.



The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (now shortened to CHIJMES) was formerly a Catholic church. It was one of the oldest in Singapore dating back to 1840. The cluster of buildings used to house a school, an orphanage, a women’s refuge, and a chapel. Since 1983, it has stopped offering these services and has been revamped into a modern lifestyle area. Now it has restaurants, cafes, and bars while keeping its historical look and architecture. Visit CHIJMES for a unique, historic atmosphere. Listen to live music at night, and have a good time eating and drinking at the various restaurants.


Raffles Hotel

Built in 1887 and named after the founder of Singapore, the Raffles Hotel is an iconic Singaporean landmark. With its colonial-era architecture, the luxury hotel has kept its iconic look while expanding. It now includes more facilities such as a shopping arcade with 40 specialty boutiques and restaurants. The Raffles Hotel Long Bar is also the birthplace of the iconic Singapore Sling. Visit the Long Bar to get a taste of the classical Singapore Sling.
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