Are you a night owl, or jetlagged after just arriving in Singapore? Don’t worry, because there are a lot of fun activities for you to do in Singapore at night. Follow this guide for a comprehensive list of fun things to do in Singapore at night!

1. Night Safari in Singapore Zoo


A must visit attraction when in Singapore, the Night Safari is a unique sightseeing experience. Get the opportunity to see how animals behave at night and even spot some that you can’t find during the day. You can see over 130 species of animals, 38% of which are endangered and hard to find. Catch the animal shows and activities that are available only at night such as the Creature of the Night show or the Thumbuakar fire show. The Night Safari is the best and only place to enjoy animal watching in the cool night air.

2. Haw Par Villa After Dark


Haw Par Villa is a theme park that focuses on Asian culture, history and myths. The park has over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas that all depict aspects of Asian culture. Go on the spooky special night tour that will teach about the meaning of life, death, and the afterlife in Asian culture. You will get to visit the Ten Courts of Hell attraction to learn about the mythology of the Asian version of Hell and get a preview of the Hell’s Museum attraction that’s opening soon.

3. Marina Bay Sands Skypark


Head over to the Marina Bay Sands Skypark on the 57th floor to get a gorgeous panoramic view of Singapore’s nightscape. Besides the observation deck where you can take some great photos of the city lights, you can also do several other activities while enjoying the view of the city. Take a dip in the Infinity Pool and feel like you’re swimming at the edge of the world. You can also visit the restaurants and bars for some luxury and fine dining. Pair a fine wine with one of the best views in Singapore.

4. Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay


You might have seen a cluster of huge trees while traveling around Singapore, they’re really hard to miss. Those are the solar powered Supertree Grove that’s part of the Gardens by the Bay conservatory. These supertrees go up to 16 stories high, and all 12 of them light up at night giving off a beautiful, fantasy-like sight. Don’t miss the Garden Rhapsody show at 7.45 and 8.45, the trees will light up and give off a mesmerizing light show synchronized to music. After the show, you can head over to the top of the tallest supertree and have dinner inside at the Indochine restaurant.

5. Singapore Flyer


Singapore’s biggest and only ferris wheel was also the world’s tallest ferris wheel until recently when it fell to second place. The Singapore Flyer is not just any ferris wheel, it also offers unique and luxury services in its capsules. Take a ride on the Flyer at night to experience 30 minutes of the city’s nightscape at one of the highest points of Singapore. The specialized capsules offer an uninterrupted 360° view of Singapore. One of the services offered is a dinner for two. You can book an entire capsule for a romantic night with a great 360° view of the city.

6. Light and Water Shows: Wings of Time and Spectra


You can enjoy two Light and Water shows while in Singapore. Wings of Time, located in Sentosa, is an outdoor night show that’s right next to the open sea. Experience the story of a prehistoric bird and his two friends unfold among a spectacle of lasers, music, water and fire.

If you’re shopping in Marina Bay Sands don’t forget to catch a show. Just walk out to the event plaza right next to the Shoppes and watch Spectra for free. Spectra is a free, 15-minute light and water show that combines fountains of water, advanced lighting and laser technology, and symphonic music to create an experience that will mesmerize you.

7. Bugis Night Market


The Bugis night market is a local hotspot where people buy all sorts of cheap products and food. Find some cheap souvenirs and get cheap snacks while you make your way through this night market. It can be crowded but its worth it for all the cheap stuff you can get.

8. Stargaze at the Science Centre Observatory Deck


The Singapore Science Centre has an observatory deck where you can go stargazing. Singapore, being near the equator, gives you a unique opportunity to view the stars in ways you can’t find elsewhere. In the observatory, you’ll get to see stars from both the north and south hemispheres. Using a range of their sophisticated telescopes and other facilities, enjoy the night sky while learning astronomy.

9. Go Karting at Night


If you’re still not tired and want some night thrills, then go karting at the KF1 Karting Circuit. Boasting as the longest track in Singapore at 960m and fitted with F1 inspired night lighting, this circuit is one of the best places to kart in, day or night.

10. Go Prawning


If you’re hungry, you can go to several fishing and prawning locations in Singapore to catch your own dinner. Places like Riviera, Hai Bin Prawning and Bugis+ have 24/7 fishing so you can catch and cook some prawn at any time. Have a drink, eat some snacks, and sit back and relax while you catch the occasional prawn.

11. Cosmic Bowling


Go bowling in a retro themed atmosphere at Orchid Bowl. Bowl in a darkened alley with neon lights that make the pins and your clothes glow. Bring your friends, have some food and drinks, and bowl while listening to dance music from the state-of-the-art sound system!

12. Go Late Night Shopping: Don Don Donki and Mustafa Centre


Feel like shopping in the middle of the night? You’ve got two choices of stores to go to. Both Don Don Donki and the Mustafa Centre are open 24 hours so you can get your shopping fill at any time.

Don Don Donki is a Japanese supermarket in Orchard Central that sells all sorts of Japanese products from cosmetics, to electronics, food, and even costumes and toys. They also have a traditional supermarket on the lower basement floor that sells Japanese food and snacks.

Mustafa Centre a one stop shop with its own building. With 2 basement levels and 4 floors, this place is filled with lots of goodies to buy. Mustafa Centre has everything you’ll ever need in one building that’s open 24/7. Food on one floor, clothes on another, electronics, medicine, home utensils and even car accessories.

Go here for the ultimate guide on exploring Mustafa Centre.

13. 24 Hour Spa at

Can’t sleep and want to relax? Head over to the 24/7 spa palace at for some rest and relaxation. The spa offers services from any time of day or night. The sauna and steam room, hot and cold pools, and relaxation lounge are all available even in the middle of the night. The treatment rooms are also open where you can get massages by a professional. They also offer an all-day buffet in the dining area that changes menus every week.

14. Clarke Quay


Head to Clarke Quay at night for a series of nightly activities. From dancing and drinking in the liveliest bars, to doing extreme sports, and dining on a boat, you won’t run out of things to do in Clarke Quay.

Listen to live music and bands at the Crazy Elephant Bar or head to Chupitos Shot Bar to try some unique shots and drinking games.

If you’re looking for thrills, head over to the Clarke Quay Mall and hop on the GX-5 Extreme Swing and Trampoline Bungy. Know what it feels like to be dropped from 50m high and get your adrenaline pumping.

If you’re looking for a meal, you can have a nice dinner on the TongKang Riverboat. Dine on the last pair of TongKang riverboats in Singapore. Enjoy delicious meals such as Kobe beef, premium Kurobuta pork and Angus beef. Wine and dine on the water while admiring the city lights.

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