Ah, the colossal beauty that is Mustafa Singapore. Located in the heart of Little India, the 400,000-square-foot space is home to over 300,000 items and is open 24/7 — making it a haven for local and foreign shopaholics alike. Whether you need enough groceries to last a year or a new camera to kickstart your vlogging career, there’s something in the store for you.

Mustafa Singapore

The problem, however, is navigating the dizzying seven-storey labyrinth of a building.

Well, have no fear. Arm yourself with these detailed maps of Mustafa  and check out our handy guide to the shopping centre.

mustafa singapore b1

mustafa singapore b2

mustafa singapore l1

mustafa singapore l2

mustafa singapore l3

mustafa singapore l4

Disclaimer: Even with the above maps, there’s still a possibility that you may end up losing your way within the labyrinth that is Mustafa. But hey, it’s all part of the adventure. Ready? Get set. Go!

1. The Beauty Junkie, Level 1, Entrance 2 and 4

The Beauty Junkie

Put that Sephora membership card away and head to Mustafa Singapore for everything you need to fill your beauty cupboard. The department store stocks a wide variety of uncommon Indian beauty products, from coconut hair oil, to face cream made with Ayurvedic herbs. You can also find India’s leading makeup brand Lakmé, stocked exclusively in Singapore at Mustafa Shopping Centre. With foundation, eyeliners, lippies and more at very pocket-friendly prices, don’t be surprised if you feel tempted to grab everything.

2. The Fashion Design Student, Level B1, Entrance 1

For the consummate tailor, Mustafa Singapore is stuffed to the brim with a selection of silks and fabrics in every colour of the rainbow and an array of patterns and prints. Prefer adding just a little touch of DIY to ready-made clothing? There are also casual and formal apparel for both genders available at Level B2, Level B1 and Level 3 that are inexpensive enough to shred, cut up, and embellish.

3. The Foodie, Level 2 and Level 3

The Foodie

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Find everything you need to whip up a mouthwatering meal at Mustafa Shopping Centre. Grab your pots and pans at Level 3 before heading to Level 2, an entire floor dedicated to vegetables, fruit, meat, dried goods, and spices. Look out for hard-to-find ingredients like organic grains from US natural food company Bob’s Red Mill and even ghost peppers, one of the spiciest chilli peppers in the world.

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4. The Tech Geek, Level B2, Entrance 4 to 6

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Besides having a massive store of both hip tech gadgets and home appliances, Mustafa Singapore is also known for offering these electronics at only a fraction of what they’re sold for elsewhere. The best part? Most of the products come with an international warranty, making them ideal for tourists.

5. The Traveller, From Level 1 to 4

The Traveller

The department store offers foreign exchange services (Level 1, outside Entrance 1) at very competitive rates, and even has a luggage check so travellers can shop with ease (Level 1, outside Entrance 1 and 4). Need to grab a couple of souvenirs or essentials before flying off? Run to Level 2 for travel-sized toiletries, uniquely Singaporean knick-knacks and snacks, then head to Level 4 for reading material for your flight. You can even do your tax refunds for items bought at Mustafa Singapore at the GST booths on Level B1 and B2 and skip the line at the airport.

 6. The Hungry-at-Midnight, Rooftop at Level 7

The Hungry-at-Midnight

For those who are starving after a full day of shopping or a wild night hitting the bars, be sure to refuel at Mustafa’s own dining spot, Kebabs ’n Curries, located on the rooftop. The restaurant is open till 1 am, and there’s a huge range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights that draw inspiration from Indian, Arabic and even Chinese cuisine. Of course, be sure to order up a platter of their signature kebabs and chicken, mutton, or seafood curries.

7. The Bling Queen, Level 1 Entrance 1 and Level B1 Entrance 4

The Bling Queen

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If you’ve ever just walked by Mustafa Singapore, the one thing that would have caught your eye is the dazzling range of jewellery displayed in the store’s windows. The store houses a good mix of both fine gold jewellery and costume jewellery, so you can definitely find the perfect piece to complete any outfit. Men, there’s a massive selection of watches for you too.

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Shop Mustafa Singapore at 145 Syed Alwi Road, 6295-5855.
Visit Mustafa Singapore on LocoMole’s Little India trail.

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