The zombie apocalypse has been a plot staple in numerous horror movies, but where should you hide if the undead really roamed Singapore’s pretty streets? Mustafa Singapore, of course! And here are five important reasons why this place will be your best hideout.


1. Mustafa Singapore’s Small Entrances and Exits

Mustafa Centre Entrance

Although there are over ten entrances and exits in the multi-winged shopping centre, each one is small enough for one man to guard. Even better, seal them all to form an impenetrable fortress! Watch out for the new rooftop access though.

2. Endless Supply of Gourmet Food

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While the rest of Singapore contends with ration pack biscuits and uncooked instant noodles, you’ll be having a feast with Mustafa’s seemingly never-ending supply of gourmet food. Organic cocoa nibs butter to slather over gluten-free whole wheat crackers? Check. Fancy imported French yoghurt served with a medley of organic toasted nuts and a drizzle of agave nectar? Check. Truffle potato chips? Check. Don’t forget to wash everything down with 100% coconut water or organic sugar-free fruit juice!

3. Keeping Clean and Slaying It

You don’t have to fight the walking dead while looking like one of them yourself. With aisles upon aisles of beauty products and fragrances in Mustafa Singapore, you can bet you’ll never have to look like a less-than-perfect version of yourself. If you’re feeling extra fancy, raid the jewellery section for some gorgeous gold accessories. They might not be worth much in the post-apocalyptic economy, but you’ll still be slaying.


4. Big Brother Is Always Watching

Mustafa Singapore’s website states that the company earns an annual volume of over $725 million dollars. Apart from having a department store that sells everything under the sun, the company also does travel and visa services as well as Forex Trading. Let’s hope that this huge enterprise has some backup generators… to power the numerous security cameras discreetly planted all over the place. You know you could stand to have a few (hundred) extra pairs of eyes looking out for those sneaky undead suckers.


5. Weapons


Swords? Knives? Baseball bats? Nerf guns? Mustafa Centre has got you covered, ‘nuff said.

Now you know where to go during a zombie apocalypse. You just have to make sure that you’re the first one there.

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