Guide to getting a Prepaid SIM card in Singapore

Here’s a hassle free guide to getting a prepaid SIM card in Singapore

Need to update your Facebook status? How about sending that quick Instagram shot showing your followers that you’ve touched down in Singapore? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Despite Singapore being one of the world’s most digitally connected cities, let’s face it: the country’s public Wi-Fi service Wireless@SG doesn’t do us any favours when it comes to providing effective and convenient internet connection.

It’s still best to satisfy all your mobile connection needs via the traditional way: getting a Prepaid SIM card. How do we get about doing this? Sit back as we show you the easiest, and fastest three-step process to achieving this.

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1. Select your Telecom provider

In Singapore, the telecommunications industry consists of three major players: M1, StarHub, and SingTel. Thus, this means that you have to choose from one of these telcos. We’ve drafted up a quick comparison of the benefits that each telco offers.

For a five-day trip:

NameM CardHappy Travel Prepaid SIMhi! Tourist 3-in-1 SIM
Local Data100GB15GB4GB
Local Calls500 minsFirst minute 22¢, 8¢/min thereafter500 mins
Local SMS1005¢ local SMS, 15¢ global SMS100
International Calls20 minsRates vary per country30 mins


For a ten-day trip:

NameM CardHappy Travel Prepaid SIMhi! Tourist 3-in-1 SIM
Local Data100GB15GB14GB
Local Calls3000 minsFirst minute 22¢, 8¢/min thereafter3000 mins
Local SMS5000 mins5¢ local SMS, 15¢ global SMS5000 mins
International Calls50 minsRates vary per country90 mins
Additional BenefitsFree data access to Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, WeChat

Thus, to make things easier, we’ve selected M1, which offers the best deal for its local data service.

2. Buying your (M1) SIM Card

At Changi Airport:

Just landed in the best airport in the world? Welcome. Head to Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 M1 outlet, which is open 24/7, at T2’s arrival hall.

Alternatively, you could head to M1’s counters at Terminal 1 and 3. However, the latter two counters are only open from 7am to 12 midnight. Remember to present your passport when purchasing your SIM card!

Other parts of Singapore:

Although M1’s prepaid cards are not usually sold at convenience stores, you can head to any of their 14 outlets, which are located all over Singapore. You can view the full list of M1 stores here.

There are three outlets – Paragon, Bugis Junction, and Raffles Place – that are located in the downtown district. Remember to present your passport when purchasing your SIM card!

3. Activating your (M1) SIM Card

Bought your SIM card already? Great. Now here’s the time to activate it. You can either pass it to the store assistant to help you activate it, or you can do it yourself.

Here’s how you can activate your prepaid SIM card yourself.

Step 1: Remove your current SIM card and keep it somewhere safe.

Step 2: Place your M1 prepaid SIM card in your phone.

Step 3: Make an outgoing call by dialing #100#. Restart your phone to activate your prepaid SIM card.

Voilà, here’s your activated prepaid SIM card! Enjoy your stay in Singapore. Refer to our other recommended things to do in Singapore or… 

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