We all have our own quirks and preferences when it comes to travelling, some more bizarre than others. Do some of these types of tourists sound familiar to you? Take the quiz at the end and find out which tourist stereotype best describes you!

1. The one with the DSLR

Happy young beautiful woman with an analog camera capturing autumn in the city

You go everywhere with a DSLR slung around your neck. It doesn’t matter if you only know how to shoot in auto mode, or end up taking more photos with your iPhone than the DSLR. What matters is that you paid good money for that camera, and you’re jolly well going to bring it on every trip!

Visit these places in Singapore where you can put your DSLR to work

Alongside, check out these trails below to have a fun-filled time in Singapore!

Kampong Glam, Marina Bay, Sands SkyPark, Gardens By the Bay, Chinatown , Little India , Joo Chiat 

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2. The Budget Traveller

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You book your flights way in advance, and always pick the cheapest airline. $30 for extra legroom on a 12-hour flight? Forget it! You don’t mind staying in Airbnb apartments or sharing a room with strangers in a hostel. After all, you’d rather travel to more places and take longer trips with the cost savings.

Looking for cheap and authentic Singaporean souvenirs? Visit these thrift stores to find some local treasures.

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Chinatown – A Melting Pot of Culture

Thought Chinatown Singapore was only for the Chinese? Not in Singapore! Roam around in this bustling district of Singapore and find yourself in an eclectic melting pot of cultures, where Hindus, Muslims and Chinese have all left an indelible mark on its landscape and food-scape. Join our Chinatown Trail and get...

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3. The Free Spirit

You prefer to travel with a backpack instead of a suitcase. You go where the mood takes you, and often go on impulse trips. Making concrete plans is a chore, and it excites you to book a one-way flight. You’re don’t mind travelling alone, but you love meeting people and making friends along the way!

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Joo Chiat Walking Trail

       Steeped in history, Joo Chiat is well-loved by many Singaporeans. Marvel at this bustling neighbourhood’s many carefully-conserved colonial bungalows and Peranakan shophouses. Join us on this trail to discover both old and modern Singapore and its dizzying array of fantastic local food. With this self-guided Walking Tour, you’ll get...

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4. The Photojournalist

You see the world through the lens of a camera. You have to take photographs of everything you encounter. It’s as though you’re on a mission to document everything, and remember everything. Breathtaking scenery? Click. A sumptuous meal? Click. Graffiti on the wall? Click. A leaf on the pavement? Click. You’re also likely to take photos like this:

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Marina Bay Scenic Trail

Littered with soaring skyscrapers and interesting architectures, you can’t miss one of the most visually stunning areas in Singapore! Visit the iconic Merlion, stop by the Helix Bridge for the beautiful city skyline, indulge in shopping at The Shoppes and marvel at fascinating exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum. There’s still...

While looking like this:

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5. The Selfie King/Queen

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You were one of the first people to buy a selfie stick, and you never travel without it. You’re in over half of all the photos you take. You’ve taken photos of your feet as you stand on the edge of a cliff, your legs as you’re lying by the pool, your hand holding an umbrella drink or an ice cream cone, your face against a beautiful background, your back silhouetted against the setting sun… etc.

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Little India Arts & Cultural Trail

One of the first enclaves in Singapore’s history, Little India has been a cultural centre for Indian immigrants since colonial times. Venture into one of the liveliest and vibrant district of Singapore, and walk a mile in the shoes of the people who have played an integral role in shaping...

6. The Luxury Traveller

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You only resort to flying in cattle class when the business class seats are all sold out. You never stay at hotels that are rated lower than four stars (although it’s best if you can get a suite at a five-star hotel). Your hotel is located right in the heart of the city, but you still take taxis once in a while. Travelling light is not a consideration for you; you’d rather bring everything you need to look and feel your best. Sometimes you purchase additional luggage because you shopped so much that your suitcase ran out of space.

For a luxurious trip in Singapore you can stay, dine, and shop in Resort World Sentosa.

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Sentosa Must-See Trail

Gear up for an electrifying time at the State of Fun, where excitement abounds! With over thirty different attractions and more than a hundred dining options, you’re bound to have a wonderful time. After all, at Sentosa, it’s all about fun! Join our Sentosa Must-See Trail and get a comprehensive...

7. The Foodie

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You eat anything and everything. Trying the local cuisine is a big part of your travel experience. If the locals eat with chopsticks, you’ll eat with chopsticks. If they eat from a leaf, you’ll eat from a leaf. You’d really rather not eat food that you can find at home while you’re on holiday. You’re game to try everything once, even if it’s too “exotic” for most people’s tastes… such as escargot, rabbit, horse, or even tarantula.

For the serious foodie traveler, you must try out some authentic Malay food in Singapore.

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Kampong Glam – Walk To The Past

Don’t miss one of Singapore’s most historic and colourful districts where Malay royalty once resided, and where one of the most iconic mosques in Singapore, Masjid Sultan, is situated. Step into the very precicnt brimming with rich Muslim history and discover the Malay history, culture and their culinary delights! Join...

8. The Lost One

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You have a map, but you’re still lost. You never know exactly which bus to take… is it supposed to be Bus No. 12, or Bus No. 12A? So you scan the crowd and look for the person who looks the most knowledgeable, and approach them to ask for directions. It turns out that you’re supposed to take Bus No. 12. When it arrives, you ask the driver if you’re on the right bus. He tells you that you are, so you happily take a seat and try to follow the bus journey on your map. Of course, you still end up alighting a few stops early, or a stop too late.


1 Day Hopper Pass

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9. The Tag-Along

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You love travelling, but you don’t like travelling alone. You’d much rather travel with friends to a destination of their choosing, than embark on a solo trip to a place you picked. Chances are, you’ve been the friend-of-a-friend tagging along on a trip planned entirely by somebody else. But that’s okay, because you’re not fussy about where to go and what to do.


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10. The Adventurer

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You love nature, and being in the great outdoors. You’ve dreamed of taking (or have taken) a long hiking or cycling trip. The idea of travelling around the world in a purpose-built van appeals to you more than the idea of staying at a luxury hotel in the city. Your ideal travel destination is a place you can’t get to by plane alone. The wilderness invigorates you, and you’d rather climb a mountain than vegetate at a resort. Life should be exhilarating.


3-in-1 Nature Tours Bundle

Experience Singapore’s clean and green city when you purchase 3-in-1 Nature Tours Bundle! What will you expect: Explore an extraordinary world at the flower domes and be wowed by humongous man-made Supertrees! (Admission exclude: Flower Domes, Cloud Forest and OCBC Skyway) Gain the knowledge of traditional healers as you learn about medicinal...

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