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Win 2017 NDP Tickets via LocoMole! 18 pairs of tickets up for grab!



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Like LocoMole Facebook page and register for the contest.




Download any trail with 'NDP 2017' logo and complete at least 20 hotspots to qualify for a draw each week.


2 ways to win tickets!

Qualify for the weekly draw with at least 20 completed hotspots each week (3 to 4 winners per week)

Social Media Contest

  1. Like our LocoMole Facebook page
  2. Download LocoMole and the digitalised NDP souvenir book (under NDP AR)
  3. Comment under our post which is your favourite 3D model and tag a person that you would like to go NDP 2017 with. Contest ends this Fri, 4 Aug 2359hrs.


Register for a LocoMole account and remember to log in before every trail to qualify for the contest

Find the category with the NDP 2017 logo

Tap on the trail with the NDP 2017 logo

Download the trail and explore


Category Trail Name No of Hotspots LocoMole Category
Birth of a Nation Singapore River 10 Heritage
Lower Civic District 9
Central Civic District 9
Singapore Museum Trail 25
Fort Canning 10
Telok Ayer - Past and Present 12
Geylang Serai Trail 18
Roots of Multicultural SG Little India 11 Cultural
Chinatown 7
Kampong Glam 12
Joo Chiat 10
Fall of Singapore Kranji Beachhead Battle 6 Battlefield
Battle for Bukit Timah 6
Battle for Kent Ridge 5
Guns of Labrador 7
City Horrors 11
Changi POWs 5
Housing a Nation the Heart Lands Tiong Bahru 10 Heartlands
Bedok 15
Punggol 15
Tanjong Pagar 10
Queenstown 12
Bukit Timah 12
Remaking of Singapore Scenic Marina Bay 13 Leisure
Singapore Heritage Food 14
City MRT Tour 10
Botanic Gardens 11 Nature
Gardens By the Bay 14
Pulau Ubin Nature Trail 10
Istana Heritage Trail 8 Istana
Istana Park 4
Presidents' Trail 7

Announcement of Results

  • Winners will be announced on every Tue 1200hrs via LocoMole Facebook page.
  • They will be contacted by LDR to collect their tickets from NDP OS office.
  • Winners need to present their proof of identification for verification during prize collection.

Contest Eligibility

  • Every participant will need to register to participate the contest.
  • Only Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents are eligible to participate in the contest.
  • All participants below the age of 18 years, or have existing conditions resulting in any form or degree of physical or mental limitations, are highly encouraged to be accompanied by an adult during the duration of the event.

Format of Contest

  • Within the weekly window period, participants can log into their LocoMole account and complete any trail with the NDP 2017 logo.
  • Participants can refer to the summary table for NDP 2017 Trails to find out more about the number of hotspots in each trail and the LocoMole category where each trail can be found
  • Participants will need to complete at least 20 hotspots to qualify for the draw each week.
  • Participants cannot repeat the same trail for the entire contest duration. For example, if you have completed the Chinatown trail in Week 1, you cannot attempt the same trail for other weeks.
  • Lots will be drawn to determine the winners for each week.

In support of

NDP 2017 is organised by Headquarters Singapore Combat Engineers, together with agencies from the private and public sectors, and will involve almost 14,000 participants, volunteers and personnel behind the scenes and on stage.

This is the first time the hash symbol (#) has been incorporated into an NDP theme, #OneNationTogether, enabling Singaporeans to share the rally call through social media. The "#" also serves as symbols of unity and home. As a symbol of unity, "#" resembles the iconic image of four interlocking arms found in our nation's first $10 note launched in 1967, representing our nation's strength in social unity and multicultural harmony. As a symbol of home, "#" is a familiar feature in Singaporean home addresses, making "#" synonymous with the idea of home. #OneNationTogether calls on all Singaporeans to rally together as one united people to build a brighter future for Singapore our home.

For more information about NDP 2017, do visit www.ndp.org.sg

About the Contest Organiser

LocoMole is a storytelling and discovery app with interactive mobile trails designed for both locals and tourists in Singapore. Using location-based technologies and Augmented Reality to trigger interactive content to users, you can explore specially curated trails through stories and in-app games.

In support of NDP 2017, LocoMole presents the NDP 2017 Augmented Reality Book, an app feature specially designed to enhance the interactivity of the NDP 2017 Souvenir Book which will be available in the funpacks during the NDP Preview and Actual Day shows. You can now turn on the AR scan under NDP 2017 AR Book, point at the graphics (with NDP 2017 logo) in the book and watch the book come alive.

LDR is the parent company of LocoMole. We design experiences centred around stories. Our in-house experienced designers develop fun and engaging content. Information is triggered based on location, allowing contextual learning and strong engagement along interactive walking trails. LDR’s products include LocoMole and Pocket Trips. Our clients include companies in the private sector, and government agencies such as MOE, MINDEF, HDB, SportsSG and NEA.