What not to carry and what not to do in Singapore

By LDR On 18 Sep 2018 In Stories City Photography Trail, Marina Bay Scenic, Things not to carry while travelling to Singapore

When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do. Follow this maxim to a T and you are sure to have a great holiday in Singapore. But, if you choose to ignore these, the “fine” city may make your travels an expensive affair. Singapore’s exemplary civic obedience did not arrive easy....

Walking the MBSC Charity Trail

By LDR On 22 Dec 2017 In Stories charity, Charity Trail, Marina Bay, Marina Bay Scenic, Marina Bay Singapore, Marina Bay Singapore Countdown, MBSC Charity Trail

“It’s for charity and it’ll be fun”, I told myself as I forced my eyes open at 630am on Sunday morning. Considering that I generally wake up past 1030am on the weekends, waking up this early was a huge struggle. But I did it and even did something meaningful over...

4 Places in Singapore to View the Supermoon

By LDR On 10 Nov 2016 In Stories Chinatown - A Melting Pot of Culture, Marina Bay Scenic

On 14 November 2016, the moon will swing as close to the Earth as it has ever been in almost 70 years. At only 356,509 km away, this supermoon will possibly be the biggest and brightest moon that you’ll see in your lifetime. What are supermoons? On average, the moon...