3 Things You Didn't Know About LocoMole

What is LocoMole?







Our vision is to connect the world with the locals and places through stories, meaningful experiences, and create moments that become lasting memories.

We enable you to hae the freedom to discover and create your own local experiences on-the-go.

LocoMole is an award-winning location-based travel experiential mobile app with innovative use of technology like Augmented Reality. Navigate easily and explore like a local with over 70 interactive mobile trails anytime on your own smartphone. Know the stories of heritage and culture behind places through interactive learning. Get expert tips on things to do and be rewarded with in-app coupons for local deals and promotions.


How different is LocoMole?

LocoMole is not just a travel app, we have won local and international accolades including:

SiTF 2017 Best Innovative Product (Immersive Media)

APICTA 2017 Best Innovative Solution (Tourism and Hospitality)

Corporate Travel Awards 2019 Best Travel App

Who's behind LocoMole?

LocoMole Team

LocoMole was created by a team of local heritage experts who has been designing interactive self-guided mobile trails for the past 10 years.

Being educators at heart, our vision is to transform experience through mobile learning and location-based technologies. Till date, we have brought over 250,000 students and national servicemen to discover places in Singapore through an interactive and immersive experience.

Our team collects local stories and works with merchants around Singapore to bring you discounts and deals. You don’t have to be crazy rich to enjoy your time here in Singapore! Explore our self-guided walking tours today.

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